Technical Sagar Hacking Course Full Review!!!

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Okahh, So you want to learn hacking right??? You might be thinking to buy Technical Sagar hacking course who is one of the most popular creators in India on YouTube. I have also bought his course and here I will tell you about the course and is it good for you?

Technical Sagar course

Who is Technical Sagar?

Let’s start with technical Sagar introduction. Basically, He is an Indian YouTuber with about 2M subs and amazing following. He is a self-taught an ethical hacker from India. He is using computers from the very beginning of his life. Also, he worked with many MNCs about Cyber Security.

Technical Sagar Website

Technical Sagar course:

Abhishek Sagar has introduced some of the amazing hacking course. That will help you to start ethical hacking. People often have some of the biggest misconceptions about sagar’s course. But things are definitely not like that. His teaching skills are just amazing even the owner of this website, yes me too has learned many things from him. So, without wasting any further time let’s start talking about his course.

He has introduced three courses:

  • Hackstars.
  • Tech Master.
  • Quick Hack.

Furthermore, We will be talking about every course one by one in detail. Cause, I don’t want you to waste money on something that you don’t like or probably not gonna like.


Technical Sagar Hackstars

Hackstars is the latest course introduced by Sagar Bhai. As I’ve bought all the three courses. I know everything about these courses. But I will not tell you everything such as video contents cause it is only for the people who will buy this course. Sorry about this but tech everywhere never provokes piracy of copyrighted contents.

This course includes:

  • Introduction.
  • Telegram Hacker or criminal
  • Wifi Jammer
  • Hacking WordPress website
  • What can be hacked
  • Shell in Hacking
  • Cloud Computing in hacking

Let’s talk about all these topics briefly:

  • Introduction: It is just an intro to the hackstars course. Sagar bhai talks about what you are gonna learn in this course.
  • Telegram: This isn’t a practical video. In this video, Bhai has explained about Telegram and how it is used for black hat practices and piracy of copyrighted content.
  • Wifi Jammer: Wifi jammer is one of the best videos in this course. This contains an explanation video and a short practical video in which Bhai jams his own wifi.
  • Hacking WordPress Websites: This contains practical video which involves discovering old/outdated WordPress and hack it. This is too a basic tutorial for complete beginners.
  • What Can Be Hacked: Even I liked and learned from this video. Here, he explains which kind of systems can be attacked and hacked by black hat hackers.
  • Cloud Computing in Hacking: Here, Sir tries to explain about computing in Hacking.

Conclusion: This is the best course by sagar bhai. If you are learning to hack. This is definitely a good choice at the price of 300 rupees.

Tech Master:

Technical Sagar Tech Master

Tech Master course is too introduced by technical sagar. This is the second part of Quick hack ethical hacking course. But according to me, this is not a good and value for money course. For you, it may be different.

Let’s talk about the contents:

  • Introduction
  • Deadly Mailer
  • Doxing
  • Find Admin Panel of website
  • Catch Newbie hacker
  • Vulnerability in WP.
  • Hacking Servers with a brute force attack
  • Man in the middle attack
  • CEWL
  • Steganography Practical

Let’s talk about these topics briefly:

  • Introduction: He explains what you are gonna learn in this course.
  • Deadly Mailer: Here, he shows fake mailer and how a hacker can use it for social engineering.
  • Doxing: This practical video is to explain how someone can gather information just by using an email address of the victim.
  • Find Admin Panel of Website: Here, Bhai shows you how you can find admin panel of a website.
  • Catch Newbie Hacker: This is a practical video that shows how you can catch a newbie black hat hacker who is hacking without hiding their IP.
  • Vulnerability in WordPress: In this video, you’ll learn how to use WPscan tool to discover outdated WordPress version and plugins.
  • MITM: This is a practical video of the man in the middle attack.
  • Steganography: This is the best video of this course. Even I’ve liked it.

Conclusion: This is a course for an absolute beginner in ethical hacking who don’t know anything.

Quick Hack:

Quick Hack course

This course is too for absolute beginners.

Conclusion: According to me you don’t need to buy a tech master course. If you are an absolute beginner then just buy quick hack. If you are a little experienced you can buy hackstars it is a worthy product. So, you might be thinking about why I haven’t written about Quick hack contents! Actually, I have some limits. Still, Quick Hack includes basic video practical such as how to create a bootable pen drive of Kali Linux, etc.

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