Android Phone Rooting? | 5 Advantages and Disadvantages.

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What is Android rooting?

You might have heard people talking about rooting Android! Ever wondered what is Android rooting?

Root is administrative access to a device. System files in an Android device, that is required to run the device. These files are locked, a normal user can’t access or read the files but if the user roots his/her phone they will get access to those root files. They can make a change in those files easily.

Root has some advantages as well as disadvantages.

Let us talk about:


1. Warranty void.

If you root your phone. Company will not be responsible for its warranty, causing warranty void. Companies such as Samsung voids the warranty if the phone is rooted.

It seems very scary but if the phone is out of warranty there is no problem.


2. Super User Access.

Gaining root access gives you root permissions, sounds good right? But…handling rooted phone is very hard for a normal user. Moving a file here to there can cause really big problems.

If you are an advanced user of Android you might not get problem but my experience says rooting really troubles the user and disturbs the user experience.


3. Update Problems.

It is obvious that when we root the phone. It will now no longer receive the latest updates from the company.

The company will no longer provide you any support. Still, there are some manual methods to update the phone. Still, automatic update is more reliable than manual one.


4. Increases Virus attacks.

Rooting Android device unlocks the root directory which becomes a big issue during a virus attack. Virus can easily access your root files and if virus enters your root directory, it becomes really hard to remove it. Even if you don’t update your phone manually after rooting, phone will become an easy target to viruses, malware, spyware, Trojan etc. Hence your phone will ruin your privacy, such as a virus enters in root that steals your bank account info. This will bring you in a great trouble.


5. Might Brick your device.

Rooting is a complicated process which if not done by a professional can brick your device. While we root our device we do some changes in the stock android’s file to get root privileges. If these changes are not done properly, device will be bricked.


If you think you don’t care about these disadvantages, then here are some of the advantages that might catch your interest.




1. Speed and battery life boost.

As Root gives you root privileges, Super User Privileges. You can manage clock speed of the processor according to your need, you can overclock or underclock the processor. If you need longer battery life you can go with the underclocking which increases the battery life but will decrease the performance. If you need better performance you can go with overclocking which will increase the performance but the processor will demand more battery. Hence will surely decrease the battery life.


2. Uninstall Preinstalled apps.

You can uninstall preinstalled craps from the device as you’ll get access to root. Mobile Companies for advertisement installs apps in the root of the device which a normal user can’t remove or uninstall. You can uninstall these apps from the root of your device easily which can’t be done on a non-rooted device.


3. Amazing Custom Theme.

After rooting the android device you can even do the most amazing thing 🙂 YOU CAN APPLY CUSTOM THEME ON YOUR DEVICE. Keyboard layout can be customized.

You can try a different experience.


4. Ads can be blocked of all apps.

Ads destroy the enjoyment of the amazing experience of the apps. You might have switched on Airplane Mode on your device to prevent ads. While after rooting your device you can easily get rid of the ads of any apps without switching on the airplane mode. Rooting can even act as the shield to ads in your device. Rooting prevents ads on your device. Block the ads to enjoy the hassle-free experience of the services.


5. Install incompatible apps.

Rooting even gives you the power to install incompatible apps in your phone. You can get features from the latest version of the android.


Conclusion :

In the end, I just want to give you my opinion on rooting android. PLS DON”T ROOT YOUR DEVICE. If you want the amazing experience of root you can root your old phone that is not in use.

‘With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility.’

Rooting will give you much power but to handle that power is not possible for many users. Only an advanced user can handle the rooted phone.

If you want to root for fun pls don’t make this huge mistake. 


Thanks 🙂