Graphics Card Explained – How GPU works?

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When we are looking forward to building a High-end PC. One might think about installing a GPU but do you really know what is GPU and for what it is used for? This is a perfect article for you alive on the web. ‘Graphics Card Explained.’

Graphics card.


What is Graphics Card?

Graphics card is also known as the graphical processing unit. It is the processor only dedicated for processing graphics. Any image or video on the screen is the part of Graphics only. Graphics card converts digital data into signals that your monitor can understand.

Graphics card really helps in increasing the performance of a computer.



As I’ve told you that GPU helps us in rendering the Image that we see on our monitor but wait, what about CPU? Central Processing Unit is known as CPU. GPU, as well as CPU both, are processor but they are very different.

CPU is the main processor of your computer which calculates everything in a program. If you are working on a spreadsheet, your CPU is calculating everything in it. If we talk about GPU, it calculates everything related to graphics.

CPU = All Processes ; GPU = Only Graphics.

There are 2073600 pixels in 1080p full HD screen. Each pixel has its own calculation. So if you are running a game on 1080p 60 FPS. Each pixel is being calculated 60 times and there are a total of 2073600 pixels. The processor also has some background applications and software to do calculations on + your game makes everything choppy.

GPU is installed in the system to avoid lag because it reduces the work of processor as now GPU is doing all the Graphical calculations.

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How Powerful GPU is?

If you have an i7 processor installed in a system without GPU and an i3 processor installed in another system without GPU. Most probably i3 processor’s PC will play GTA V or other high-end graphics game very smoothly.

GPU is also used in bitcoin mining, Video Editing and Game Development.

Types of Graphics Card.

There are two types of Graphics card.

  • Integrated Graphics Card.
  • Dedicated Graphics card.

Both are GPU.

Integrated GPU is on-board GPU weather Dedicated GPU is separate GPU which we install. Integrated GPU is a graphical processing unit inside the processor. Graphics are extremely important so, now the processors are built with inbuilt GPU which has a separate place inside the processor as shown in below image.


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Processor architecture.

Integrated GPU is quite weak as compared to Dedicated one.

Dedicated Graphics Card is installed in motherboard. It has its own processor, ram etc. in order to render only graphics. D. GPU is quite powerful to perform graphical tasks. A computer with dedicated GPU really helps to render video much faster. This type of Graphics Card also helps you to play high-end games, do bitcoin mining etc.


If you want to build a Gaming PC, I strongly prefer to use Graphics card firstly then you can buy an AMD processor which will make a perfect match.

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