Flexible Screen Explained. Truth Revealed.

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We’ve listened about the flexible display from a long time that phone will come with the flexible display that can be easily folded and kept in the pocket.

We have seen the flexible display in science fiction movies. Now that fiction is becoming reality day by day.

SAMSUNG has shown us the phone with a foldable screen.


Samsung faced a lot of problems while making this screen.

  1. Normal Phones have screens made of glass. As the Glass is not flexible, they have to build up a material that is strong as well as very flexible.
  2. Normal Screens are connected with the panel using screws, as we know that when we fold any object it stretches but if screws are fixed the screen can not fold. Hence, a flexible material was required.
  3. Android will not support these types of phones. Hence Android will be modified or a new version of Android will be launched by GOOGLE.


This Phone is the actual change in the technology of phones. Now-a-days very minor change in phone becomes a trend which actually doesn’t matter enough such a bezel removal, dual camera etc.

This will be a Big change in smartphones.

Now, what about the price of this phone?

I am 100% sure that this phone will not be purchasable under 10k or 17k rupees, this can worth up to 70k to 1 lakh easily. This phone will become a trend but everyone will not be able to purchase this phone. 

How hackers hack PUBG ?

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How hackers hack PUBG?

PUBG have become very popular among youngsters, teens, even people doing 9 to 6 job are also now PUBG addict.

While playing PUBG you might have noticed some players who are firing from the wall or teleporting !!! These are hackers who really ruin the gameplay.

I have done some research through which I came to how these hackers hack in the game.


The game is built with codes that are obvious, PUBG is too built with codes, scripts. Each code has their own significance, for example, a script is for player’s clothes another for gun and skins.

PUBG game is almost 75% offline, it just requires internet to receive the coordinates of other player’s action.

For example, a player is moving forward, to move he presses the key ‘W’ coordinates of ‘W’ goes to server and server sends the coordinates to all the player in the game this is how the game works.

Now, if I configure my game script such that it sends coordinates that I want such as when I press ‘W’ it moves 20 steps server will send those 20 steps coordinates to all players, all the players will see me moving 20 steps. This same works with gun’s bullet etc. which actually hacks PUBG.



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