GetintoPC – Free Software Download Detailed Review

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Hey, you might have heard about the very popular software downloading website. If you have little interest in cybersecurity, you must have thought about the software’s security that is downloaded from “GetintoPC”.


What is GetintoPC?

Most of the people already know about this website. Still, for our website followers. This website is actually a software downloading platform. Cracked Softwares to being more specific. Using this website you can get your desired paid application/software without actually paying for it. By this way, you get premium software for free. You can download any kind of software including video editors, audio editors, 3D animation, compressor, etc.

You might have thought that this website might be so good. But wait, In cybersecurity, everything has a different meaning. For this website, we will discuss the pros or cons of using this website’s software or cracked software of any website.

Benefits of using GetintoPC:

  • Download paid software: This website allows you to download cracked software that worth much money.
  • No Survey: GetintoPC doesn’t ask you to complete human surveys to download software.
  • No Popups: This website doesn’t give irritating popups like other websites.
  • Single File: You can download software in one complete part. Using a direct link.
  • Website has clean Google Ads only…


How software is cracked?

Now, let’s understand how software cracks actually work? We know that software contains many codes. These codes also contain the activation code. So, a software cracker edits those codes and replace it with the desired code. Therefore, there is one exception. Nowadays software has online activation. In this case, cracker disables the use of the internet for the particular software. So that the software can’t communicate with their servers. Now cracker easily replaces the codes and cracks the software.

One of the huge question if that, why a cracker uses his skills to crack a software. Yes, it is true that cracker too gets benefited by that crack software. Wondering how??? Let me explain you.

Cracker after cracking the software usually binds a payload in that software. Now, if that software is installed on millions of PCs. All the PCs can be directly controlled by the cracker/hacker. Even the cracked software sends private information to hackers such as email ID, Password, etc.

Is GetintoPC safe?

See, without any true evidence, we can’t defame any website. But there is much risk of installing software from GetintoPC or any other website that provides cracked software. As I’ve told you earlier hackers are very smart.

Specifically, I have got an amazing idea to use cracked software without any problem i.e harm of privacy/private data. By using that Idea you can use GetintoPC’s software without any problem.

But for that, you’ll need to download a virus-free software. This trick will prevent the software to send data to server/cracker/hacker. GetintoPC virus is normally not present in their software.

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Use Cracked Softwares Safely!

As I have told you that the software sends data to servers. What if we block the software from using the internet. It won’t be able to send any data outside your computer. We will do it through the Windows Firewall.

To block a software’s internet use:

  • Open Start Menu.

GetintoPC Virus

  • Search for “Windows Firewall“. Then open it.
  • After opening it you will see “Advanced Settings“.Open itGetintoPC safe?
  • After you go to “Advanced settings”. Go to inbound rules and create a new rule.

GetintoPC nexus 2

Now it is quite easy,

After you click on the new rule:

  • Select “Program” in options.
  • Select the cracked program that you’ve installed by giving the exact path of particular software .exe main file.
  • Then Choose “Block the connection” option and create the rule by giving it any desired name.

You have to do the same with outbound rules too just like inbound rules all the steps are the same.

In this way, you can safely use GetintoPC cracked software without any data breach of privacy risk.

Furthermore, for more security, you can use a good premium Antivirus installed in your system. That will prevent any software of virus bound to install in your system.


In this article, I’ve given you a detailed review of GetintoPC website and also explained how hackers hack your data using cracked software. I’ve also told you the way to use cracked software without even satisfying your privacy/private data. Even, I explained to you about the Windows firewall. And Is it safe to use GetintoPC website or not?

If you have any suggestions or confusions regarding this article. You can use the Contact page of tech everywhere to contact our team for quick assistance. Thank you for reading up to here, Have a nice day 🙂

GetintoPC Website

Best Ways to List Users in Linux OS

List Linux Users
2 min read

Each Operating System has its own environment that a user needs to understand. Linux is a very powerful OS as compared to others. In this article, we gonna learn about the Best Ways to List Linux Users”. All the methods are purely true and tested by our team.

List Linux Users

List Linux Users:

  • Usingless /etc/passwd to list users.

This command will help you to list the locally stored users in the system. After you’ve used the command it will give output as:

nuucp:*:6:5:uucp login user:/var/spool/uucppublic:/usr/sbin/uucp/uucico
jdoe:*:202:1:John Doe:/home/jdoe:/usr/bin/ksh 

The output format is as follows:

  • Username
  • Password(encrypted: you won’t be able to see)
  • UID
  • GID
  • Full Name
  • The home directory of a particular user.


  • Using compgen

This command helps you to list all the users without any further information. “compgen” is used with -u command. eg,

compgen -u

The output will be very simple like,


  • List the Usernames.

I have already told you about “compgen” command. There is another way to do the same thing.
cut -d: -f1 /etc/passwd
This will too, give you simple usernames without any further instance of the users.



  • List Users using Gatent Command:

It will give you a detailed output as I’ve shown in “less /etc/passwd“. Example,

nuucp:*:6:5:uucp login user:/var/spool/uucppublic:/usr/sbin/uucp/uucico
jdoe:*:202:1:John Doe:/home/jdoe:/usr/bin/ksh 

How to check existing users?

It is very simple to identify existing users. Just use the following command,

johndoe:x:1000:1000:John Doe,,,:/home/johndoe:/bin/bash

It will give you the output with all the details of the users if it exists.

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Bleah – The BLE scanner for Smart Devices.

3 min read

You might be searching for a scanner for smart devices. Or you might be looking for how to install “Bleah” in your Linux system. Here, you goona discover everything about it. This tool is coded by Simone ‘evilsocket’ Margaritelli.


Disclaimer: Techy team don’t have any responsibility if you attack someone else network without prior permission. Everything you do after it is your own risk. Just a general reminder.

How to install Bleah?

Installing bleah is quite easy and even using this tool is very easy. Just follow the below tutorial.

  • Install [bluepy] ( from:
git clone
cd bluepy
python build
sudo python install
  • Let’s install our tool aka Bleah:
git clone
cd bleah
python build
sudo python install

Installing is done. Now you can successfully use the tool for your work. Don’t know how to use??? This article contains everything about it. Let’s look at how to use this tool?!

How to use the Tool?

usage: bleah [-h] [-i HCI] [-t TIMEOUT] [-s SENSITIVITY] [-b MAC] [-f] [-e] [-u UUID] [-d DATA] [-r DATAFILE]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i HCI, --hci HCI     HCI device index.
  -t TIMEOUT, --timeout TIMEOUT
                        Scan delay, 0 for continuous scanning.
                        dBm threshold.
  -b MAC, --mac MAC     Filter by device address.
  -f, --force           Try to connect even if the device doesn't allow to.
  -e, --enumerate       Connect to available devices and perform services
  -u UUID, --uuid UUID  Write data to this characteristic UUID (requires --mac
                        and --data).
  -d DATA, --data DATA  Data to be written.
  -r DATAFILE, --datafile DATAFILE
                        Read data to be written from this file.

Let’s look at some examples to make your understanding better of this tool.


Connect to a particular device and enumerate everything:

sudo bleah -b "aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff" -e

Keep scanning for BTLE devices:

sudo bleah -t0

So, hope you’ve understood everything about the tool. Happy hacking!!! If you’ve enjoyed reading this article make sure you leave a comment. Any problems? Tell me on my Instagram I will reply to you over there.

Download Tool – Github


I hope you have understood how to install bleah in your linux system. Do not scan any device that you don’t own as it is illegal by law.

If you’ve followed me carefully, you will face no problems and your Bleah will be installed without any problem. If you do face any problem. Please let our techeverywhere team know about it. So, that we can further solve that issue. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding our article, you can contact us via contact us page on our website. Sharing this article is highly appreatiated.

How to install Kali Linux on VMware.

How to install Kali Linux on VMware.

2 min readKali Linux is an open-source operating system designed for IT professionals, computer geeks and pen-testers. If you are enthusiastic to learn Linux, you need to install it first. So, here I will explain to you “How to install Kali Linux on VMware.

How to install Kali Linux on VMware.

VMware is a software that creates a virtual environment for an operating system. Therefore, if we are using VMware, you are using windows+Linux at the same time on a single PC.

How to install Kali Linux on VMware:

  • Download and install VMware from the official website.
  • Download Kali Linux from the official website using direct or torrent.
  • Open VMware.
  • Create a new machine.
  • select ISO file of kali.
  • choose the perfect configuration of resources according to your PC.
  • Done.
  • After it, you’ll need to fire up kali.
  • Choose install option in the menu bar.
  • Follow the easy instructions.
  • Believe me, they are very easy.
  • The installation process takes up to 45 min on average PC.
  • After installation goes to display settings.
  • Choose the best display according to your monitor
  • Installation is completed and you are all set to use your OS.




If you keep a keep interest in learning Kali Linux. Let me know in the comment section down below. If you haven’t connected pls do so as I keep publishing some really good content that a tech geek like you 🙂 will surely like.

DDoS attack Explained | Best DDoS Protection


3 min readAttackers have many ways to attack your website. Some attackers/hackers do it for their greed while some do it to cause problems to you. One of the commonly known attacks that usually an attacker can perform is known as DDoS attack. So here is “DDoS attack Explained including Best DDoS Protection


What is DDoS Attack?

DoS attack is known as a denial of service attack whereas advanced attack of it is known as DDoS attack(distributed denial of service attack). When a website receives more traffic than it can handle it goes down, this type of attack is known as Dos attack. For example, my website can receive 1K visitors per second and it is flooded to 20K visitors per second. Its server will go down as it can not handle such a great request.

As I’ve told you earlier about DoS attack, DDoS attack works on the same fundamentals. If we have to attack a famous website. DoS attack will not work as their server are powerful enough to handle such a great request. So the website will keep on running but every website’s server has some bandwidth. If the request crosses the bandwidth, the server will go down. DoS attack is for less powerful server whereas DDoS attacks are for a powerful server. DoS attack can be performed with a single device/PC. DDoS requires huge computing power.

DDoS attacks today is very uncommon as hackers have found very innovative ways to hack your website. Our site contains many articles about it and is updated on regular basis. Follow us for more information regarding cybersecurity and technology.

How attackers perform DDoS?

The attacker essentially gains control of many devices using a malicious program or malware. Now, each computer infected with that malware can be remotely controlled by the attacker. The attacker now sends requests to all computers infected with malware that each computer has to request the site from the server at a particular time. Now a huge amount of traffic is generated with essentially, the server will go down.

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Best DDoS protection service.

Nowadays everybody wants security. There are some companies who provide very good security to DDoS attacks.

  • Incapsula.
  • Akamai.
  • Sucuri.
  • Myra

Among all the best internet attack protection. I’ve found Cloudflare to be the best. Cloudflare protects the website from Denial of service attacks as well as gives you free SSL certificate for free. Even our team of also uses Cloudflare in order to get a free SSL certificate and DDoS protection. It even hides our original IP of website. Which makes black hat hacking even difficult for hackers.

Types of Hackers & Reason of their hacking!

2 min readIn 2019, cybersecurity is very important for an organization. Essentially there are some of the hackers who protect the company and some are there who hack into the company. Every hacker has a different mindset while they are hacking. I’ve already published top 5 hackers. So here are “Types of Hackers & Reason of their hacking!“.

Types of Hackers and why they hack?

Basically, there are 3 types of hackers.

  • White Hat Hackers.

  • Black Hat Hackers.

  • Grey Hat Hackers.

White Hat Hackers.



They are also known as Ethical hacker because they perform ethical hacking. Some of them are ceh(certified ethical hacker) while some are non-certified. They are the kind of hackers who hack legally. For example, I have a company right? I need my company’s security to be high. I will hire a hacker who will take full legal permission to hack my company’s system. Then he will tell me about the bugs and vulnerabilities found in my company’s system through which a hacker can hack. Now, when I came to know the problems in the system I can fix it.

Black Hat Hackers.


Hackers who hack systems for their own benefits are known as Black Hat Hackers. They are totally illegal. They don’t have any rights to hack. For example, my company is at great heights such as Microsoft. They will try to hack my system and steal information, then they used to sell it on the dark web for money and will earn millions. This kind of hackers is known as black hat hackers. They are usually been caught by law forces.

Grey Hat Hackers.

Greyhat Hackers.

They are also like black hats as they hack system without legal permission of the owner. They hack the system, not for money or their own greed. They do it for fun, entertainment purpose. They just hack systems to irritate owners etc. Mainly they have the intention to hurt the security without any greed.


Deep Web and Dark Web || Deep Web sites?

3 min readEveryone in the world is surfing the internet, some are doing it for fun whereas some are doing it for the sake of knowledge. You might be surprised to know that the internet that you surf is just 3% of the total Internet. There is a hidden web or darknet alive on the internet. You might be wondering what is “dark web and deep web”.


deep web and dark web.


Types of the Internet:

  • Surface web.

  • Deep Web.

Surface Web: We all surf the internet in the form of WhatsApp, facebook, websites etc. Everything we normally or people surf is Surface Web. It is just around 3% of the entire internet. We can normally surf it and there is nothing illegal on it everything can be controlled by the court.


Deep Web: Deep web is nothing but are the websites that are not indexed by any search engines. These websites are created to share private information. If an Army officer wants to share some secret info they use deep web. They will send data to the deep web website in order to protect the secret info. Now all the officers or receivers will get a link and ID password to access that data. Surfing deep web is not illegal in any country. It is around 97% of the internet. It contains DARK WEB too.

What is Dark Web?

Dark web is the internet operated by the world’s most wanted criminals and Blackhat hackers. It is the web where you can find everything from human meat to child porn everything is available here. It is a black spot on the internet. Now you might wonder “what’s on the dark web and dark web pages.” Dark web is full illegal if you are found surfing it. DIRECTLY PRISONED. 

Dark web so dangerous that on every spot there is a trap for you. If you’ve missed a little YOU ARE HACKED. Even pro hackers are very conscious while surfing the dark web.

Yes, you can also surf the dark web.

How to surf the Dark Web?

Surfing dark web is quite similar to that of the deep web but First, you need to install tor browser.

Surfing dark web is highly not recommended if you are not professional. You can only surf dark web legally with proper permission of the govt. If you are found without permission you are surfing it illegally. If caught. Sir, prison is waiting for you.

Surfing the dark web and the deep web requires the link to that website because it is nowhere on the search engine. You can get dark web links but those links are also very hard to get.

Tor Browser – The onion router

Tor Browser - Onion router

Tor browser is also known as the onion router. ONION WAIT WHAT??? Yes, it’s like an onion. As we all know about VPNs right? VPN is used to hide our IP address on the internet.

Same happens with Tor Browser, it routes our IP into several IPs. For example,

Original IP    ➡️   USA    ➡️   Germany    ➡️   France   ➡️   China    ➡️    Chile   ➡️   INTERNET.

Understood, this is how our original IP is routed in many VPNs. It uses many VPNs hence known as the onion router. Hence, tracing your original IP is very difficult.

I said difficult, not impossible, even there are possible ways by which your IP can be traced.

This browser even saves you from many traps because it does not enable Javascript of the website to be executed.


What is MITMA? – Man in the middle attack.


3 min readHackers have many ways to reach your database and steal your privacy. Nowadays, people are uploading everything on social media basically on the internet. Hence, you can be hacked. There is an attack “MITMA” which a hacker might use to steal precious data from your personal computer(including phone) this is known as “Man in the middle attack” 


What is MITA – Man in the middle attack?

MITMA is commonly known as the man in the middle attack. Hackers can steal your data easily performing this attack. Man in the middle attack can only be performed if the victim is connected to the same internet connection. For example, I and hacker are sitting in a coffee shop and using the public WI-FI of that shop. Hacker can intercept the packages, read my text messages, see what I am surfing etc. This type of attack is called the man in the middle attack or MITMA. Essentially a hacker comes in between our device and router and all the traffic that comes from the router is first received by the hacker and then passes to the particular device. Hence, this enables data to be easily stolen by a hacker. man in the middle attack

Http and Https connections in Mitma

There are two types of connections that are established while you surf a website. One is commonly known as http and other is https. Http connection is Hyper text transfer protocol whereas Https is Hyper text transfer protocol.

There are two types of data transfer. First is GET and second is POST. When we are surfing any website by clicking on a link etc. it is GET method whereas when we enter any information such as comment, sign in info etc. it is a POST request.

When we POST anything we send information to the server and while we receive any information from the server we use GET. Http connection is not secure as it allows data to be sent in human readable text whereas Https is a secure connection which doesn’t allow data to be transferred in human language.

While you surf http website and a hacker is doing man in the middle attack. He can read all the info that you’ve sent but in https connection, matter changes as it doesn’t allow the hacker to read info easily.

Read again I said easily not impossible. Yet a pro hacker can easily, even interpret in your connection and can even change the results that came from the server.

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How to protect yourself?

Protecting yourself from a hacker’s attack is not an easy task but still is not impossible. 

If you want your data to be secure don’t use public wifi. Even try to protect your wifi to be hacked because if it happens hacker again gets a privilege to sniff the package in your network.

If you want to use public wifi, you can use it. You just need to be careful about a few things that’s enough. First, make sure you are connected to the public wifi that is 24*7 monitored by the govt. this prevents hackers to interpret your packages.

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Hackers | Who made History?

Top 5 hackers

4 min readIn this world, online work is gone to the peak. Nowadays the Internet offers every service available to you, including online transactions, communication services such as video conferencing etc. Some people steal the data on the Internet, we call them hackers. So, here are Top 5 Most Dangerous Hackers | Who made History?

Hacker image.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Hackers !!!


1.Kevin Mitnick.

kevin Mitnick


Kevin Mitnick is known as the king of hackers in the world, with names like ‘the condor’ or ‘the darkside hacker’. In a very young age, he was able to trick the bus system of Los Angeles just to get free rides in the buses. A few years later he realized his love for coding and then he started hacking in big companies such as Nokia, Motorola, IBM.

He even managed to get into pentagon’s server of USA. Millions of Dollars of information passed through his hands.

Before he was finally arrested in 1995, he ran away from the hands of FBI for 3 years and became the most wanted cybercriminal of that time.

He said that he was not hacking he was just social engineering. At one point judge found him so dangerous that he was kept in solitary because he thought that Mitnick could start a nuclear war with just a phone call.

2.Mathew Bevan and Richard Price.

mathew bevan and richard price

Mathew Bevan and Richard Price took the world for a potentially deadly ride in their youth back in 1994.

They began by attacking pentagon’s network for several weeks and then they progressed further stealing battlefield simulations. If that wasn’t enough they started intercepting from U.S. agents staying in North Korea and they got access to the Korean nuclear facility.

This was all incredibly alarming to the US because at that time they were using US systems to infiltrate information from the Korean systems which nearly put an international spark.

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3.Anonymous Group.

anonymous hacker group

You’ve most probably heard about the hacktivist group named ‘Anonymous’. Anonymous started in 2003 from a forum website named just like a joke and now that joke has become a very big group. Anonymous group consists of an unspecified number of members. They work for Internet freedom, social justice and most importantly, transparency in the law. This group hit the Chinese Govt. , the Vatican, the FBI, and even the CIA.

They used to leak documents or takes down the website with political intent.

The information they’ve leaked on the impact they’ve had on cases has been huge.


4. Astra

astra hacker

This is an unknown hacker, called as ‘Astra’. He was a notorious hacker who spent a decade in the 2000s stealing high profile weapons technology and software. He would quickly sell this information to the people and organizations across Brazil, South Africa, the middle east and the rest of the world. No one knows how much money he made! or where he had gone. The damages caused by him is estimated at around 250 to 361M USD.

Even he caused many damages he was never identified or caught publicly. People say that he is a 58 years old greek mathematician who is serving 6 years in jail.


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5. Gary McKinnon.

Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon is too considered as a very dangerous hacker as he infiltrated 97 military and NASA servers in a year during 2001. He even deleted sensitive data, files, and software that costs around 700k USD to recover for the US govt. due to the severity of the damage.

Confident in his skills, he taunted the military security system by posting “Your security system is crap, I am solo I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels.”

He was just finding evidence for the life beyond the Earth or the extraterrestrial life. Which according to Mckinnon, he found.


Hope you’ve enjoyed 🙂


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Top 5 Hacking Tools For Hackers-Linux.

3 min readHacking tools are developed to ease and minimize the task of a hacker. These Hacking Tools are developed by expert coders. Here is the list of Top 5 Hacking Tools For Hackers.


5. Nmap.


Nmap is one of the most liked hacking tools by hackers. This tool is completely open-source and free utility. It was developed to check network host and current running service on the system. It can analyze many things such as hosts, service, os, firewall etc.

You can use this tool by cloning it on your Linux by this URL:

or visit the website:

4. Wpscan.


As we all know that many websites use WordPress. To find the vulnerabilities of those websites there is an amazing hacking tool called wpscan. Wpscan is free, for non-commercial use. This tool is written by security professionals to test the security of ONLY WORDPRESS POWERED WEBSITES.

This is one of the most amazing tool for hacker, you must try it.

Wpscan Website:

Or clone it Through Github in your LINUX.

Github Wpscan:


3. Wireshark.



This tool is loved even by me. Yes, this is Wireshark. This tool is used to capture packets and inspect them. This tool can be used in many ways. This tool can be used to check what data is sent over your wifi, moreover, black-hat hackers use this tool to do MITM attack that is the man in the middle attack. This tool is written in c and c++ which are very powerful languages.

In my later post, you might see a tutorial about Wireshark, for that stay tuned 🙂


Wireshark website:


2. Maltego.


This is a GUI based information gathering tool developed for gathering information about the particular target. This is a very powerful tool liked by many hackers. It has a free version as well as paid version. The paid version is recommended for ethical hackers working for the company whereas community edition is recommended for a beginner in hacking.

This tool is even available for Windows as well as Mac and Linux obviously. This tool is mainly for online investigations related to the target or victim. It represents data in the form of graphs.


1. Burpsuite.


Here comes the boss. Yes, it is burp suite. Burpsuite is one of the best hacking tools across the globe, even I am sure about it that every hacker uses this tool. This tool is used for testing web application security moreover, this is a GUI tool that makes it easier to use for an absolute beginner. It has 2 edition, 1st is a community and another is professional version. This tool is used to detect security exposure as well as this tool can exploit these vulnerabilities.




These were the Top 5 Hacking Tools For Hackers. They are not only tools but according to my experience, these tools are really dope af. Try using this tools out.