How does Grubhub works? Complete Business Model!

How GrubHub works?
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“GrubHub” is one of the best service available in the market. It is a startup that caters to online food order and delivery needs of the customers in the most interesting way possible. Customers are loving their services all around. How do Grubhub works? Complete Business Model

How GrubHub works?

There are 2 ways by which GrubHub brings amazing food:

  • Order.
  • PickUp.

Order: You can order different food from GrubHub which it delivers from the specific associated store.

PickUp: Order different foods from different eateries. You can go and get it from them.

One of the best thing about GrubHub is that. They provide 24*7 assistance for their customers. Grubhub is partnered with over 85K restaurants in the United States.

Business Model

GrubHub works on 4 steps of the dynamic model. They are mentioned below:

  • Search: Customers can search for their favorite restaurant and order from them.
  • Order: After choosing your favorite restaurant you can proceed to online payment.
  • Processing: After you’ve finished ordering your food. The restaurant gets the notification to pack and process the food that you’ve ordered.
  • Delivery: Delivery boy will pick up your food from restaurants and deliver it to you.

GrubHub’s tactics and business model turned up to be very successful. Furthermore, customers are quite happy using GrubHub’s service.

GrubHub Features:

How does Grubhub earn money?

You might be thinking that if Grubhub works so well then. how does it earn money? So let’s discuss it.

  • Commission: 

The value of the commission always depends upon the value of the product that a user is buying. Generally, it ranges from 4% to 14% per order.

  • Sponsorship:

GrubHub and even more platforms like this are really great platform to increase customers. The company has predecided plans on every order from the specific restaurant.

Should You Register on Grubhub?

Grubhub provides users with amazing offers and facilities. Hence, users are increasing on this on a daily basis. It means that if you register your restaurant on Grubhub you are definitely gonna benefited. But it is impossible for me to make a full recommendation on it. As it totally depends upon your restaurant.

I am not promoting GrubHub in my article. I am just trying to explain to you about it in detail. Rest depends upon you.

Bleah – The BLE scanner for Smart Devices.

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You might be searching for a scanner for smart devices. Or you might be looking for how to install “Bleah” in your Linux system. Here, you goona discover everything about it. This tool is coded by Simone ‘evilsocket’ Margaritelli.


Disclaimer: Techy team don’t have any responsibility if you attack someone else network without prior permission. Everything you do after it is your own risk. Just a general reminder.

How to install Bleah?

Installing bleah is quite easy and even using this tool is very easy. Just follow the below tutorial.

  • Install [bluepy] ( from:
git clone
cd bluepy
python build
sudo python install
  • Let’s install our tool aka Bleah:
git clone
cd bleah
python build
sudo python install

Installing is done. Now you can successfully use the tool for your work. Don’t know how to use??? This article contains everything about it. Let’s look at how to use this tool?!

How to use the Tool?

usage: bleah [-h] [-i HCI] [-t TIMEOUT] [-s SENSITIVITY] [-b MAC] [-f] [-e] [-u UUID] [-d DATA] [-r DATAFILE]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i HCI, --hci HCI     HCI device index.
  -t TIMEOUT, --timeout TIMEOUT
                        Scan delay, 0 for continuous scanning.
                        dBm threshold.
  -b MAC, --mac MAC     Filter by device address.
  -f, --force           Try to connect even if the device doesn't allow to.
  -e, --enumerate       Connect to available devices and perform services
  -u UUID, --uuid UUID  Write data to this characteristic UUID (requires --mac
                        and --data).
  -d DATA, --data DATA  Data to be written.
  -r DATAFILE, --datafile DATAFILE
                        Read data to be written from this file.

Let’s look at some examples to make your understanding better of this tool.


Connect to a particular device and enumerate everything:

sudo bleah -b "aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff" -e

Keep scanning for BTLE devices:

sudo bleah -t0

So, hope you’ve understood everything about the tool. Happy hacking!!! If you’ve enjoyed reading this article make sure you leave a comment. Any problems? Tell me on my Instagram I will reply to you over there.

Download Tool – Github


I hope you have understood how to install bleah in your linux system. Do not scan any device that you don’t own as it is illegal by law.

If you’ve followed me carefully, you will face no problems and your Bleah will be installed without any problem. If you do face any problem. Please let our techeverywhere team know about it. So, that we can further solve that issue. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding our article, you can contact us via contact us page on our website. Sharing this article is highly appreatiated.

Technical Sagar Hacking Course Full Review!!!

Technical Sagar course

4 min readOkahh, So you want to learn hacking right??? You might be thinking to buy Technical Sagar hacking course who is one of the most popular creators in India on YouTube. I have also bought his course and here I will tell you about the course and is it good for you?

Technical Sagar course

Who is Technical Sagar?

Let’s start with technical Sagar introduction. Basically, He is an Indian YouTuber with about 2M subs and amazing following. He is a self-taught an ethical hacker from India. He is using computers from the very beginning of his life. Also, he worked with many MNCs about Cyber Security.

Technical Sagar Website

Technical Sagar course:

Abhishek Sagar has introduced some of the amazing hacking course. That will help you to start ethical hacking. People often have some of the biggest misconceptions about sagar’s course. But things are definitely not like that. His teaching skills are just amazing even the owner of this website, yes me too has learned many things from him. So, without wasting any further time let’s start talking about his course.

He has introduced three courses:

  • Hackstars.
  • Tech Master.
  • Quick Hack.

Furthermore, We will be talking about every course one by one in detail. Cause, I don’t want you to waste money on something that you don’t like or probably not gonna like.


Technical Sagar Hackstars

Hackstars is the latest course introduced by Sagar Bhai. As I’ve bought all the three courses. I know everything about these courses. But I will not tell you everything such as video contents cause it is only for the people who will buy this course. Sorry about this but tech everywhere never provokes piracy of copyrighted contents.

This course includes:

  • Introduction.
  • Telegram Hacker or criminal
  • Wifi Jammer
  • Hacking WordPress website
  • What can be hacked
  • Shell in Hacking
  • Cloud Computing in hacking

Let’s talk about all these topics briefly:

  • Introduction: It is just an intro to the hackstars course. Sagar bhai talks about what you are gonna learn in this course.
  • Telegram: This isn’t a practical video. In this video, Bhai has explained about Telegram and how it is used for black hat practices and piracy of copyrighted content.
  • Wifi Jammer: Wifi jammer is one of the best videos in this course. This contains an explanation video and a short practical video in which Bhai jams his own wifi.
  • Hacking WordPress Websites: This contains practical video which involves discovering old/outdated WordPress and hack it. This is too a basic tutorial for complete beginners.
  • What Can Be Hacked: Even I liked and learned from this video. Here, he explains which kind of systems can be attacked and hacked by black hat hackers.
  • Cloud Computing in Hacking: Here, Sir tries to explain about computing in Hacking.

Conclusion: This is the best course by sagar bhai. If you are learning to hack. This is definitely a good choice at the price of 300 rupees.

Tech Master:

Technical Sagar Tech Master

Tech Master course is too introduced by technical sagar. This is the second part of Quick hack ethical hacking course. But according to me, this is not a good and value for money course. For you, it may be different.

Let’s talk about the contents:

  • Introduction
  • Deadly Mailer
  • Doxing
  • Find Admin Panel of website
  • Catch Newbie hacker
  • Vulnerability in WP.
  • Hacking Servers with a brute force attack
  • Man in the middle attack
  • CEWL
  • Steganography Practical

Let’s talk about these topics briefly:

  • Introduction: He explains what you are gonna learn in this course.
  • Deadly Mailer: Here, he shows fake mailer and how a hacker can use it for social engineering.
  • Doxing: This practical video is to explain how someone can gather information just by using an email address of the victim.
  • Find Admin Panel of Website: Here, Bhai shows you how you can find admin panel of a website.
  • Catch Newbie Hacker: This is a practical video that shows how you can catch a newbie black hat hacker who is hacking without hiding their IP.
  • Vulnerability in WordPress: In this video, you’ll learn how to use WPscan tool to discover outdated WordPress version and plugins.
  • MITM: This is a practical video of the man in the middle attack.
  • Steganography: This is the best video of this course. Even I’ve liked it.

Conclusion: This is a course for an absolute beginner in ethical hacking who don’t know anything.

Quick Hack:

Quick Hack course

This course is too for absolute beginners.

Conclusion: According to me you don’t need to buy a tech master course. If you are an absolute beginner then just buy quick hack. If you are a little experienced you can buy hackstars it is a worthy product. So, you might be thinking about why I haven’t written about Quick hack contents! Actually, I have some limits. Still, Quick Hack includes basic video practical such as how to create a bootable pen drive of Kali Linux, etc.

Watch my Video: 

Lucky Patcher Latest apk download 2019 [Free]

lucky patcher apk download USA

4 min readOHHH, you might have heard about a wonderful application for android named “Lucky Patcher APK”. It is one of the best APK available to modify android application moreover it can run on a no-root device even in the USA. Which increases its popularity even more.

lucky patcher apk download USA

Size 8 MB – 9 MB
Version 8.5.1
Developer ChelpuS
Root NO
Supports Android 4.0 + 🙂


What is Lucky Patcher???

Lucky Patcher is an app that basically allows you to modify your application such as removal of ads from an application, making free purchases, etc. It is liked in countries like USA, India and even more, countries where people like to play with applications.

Using Lucky Patcher you can get free gems, coins, etc in your game. Ahhh, I forgot to tell you that lucky patcher is now removed from play store as it provokes cracking of paid apk features. But it is not a malware or virus you can 10000% believe me, it is safe to use this application without any risk if you download it from our website only.

Lucky P. features:

  • Manage APKs permissions: Many applications that you really need to install steals your privacy by asking for unwanted permissions from the administrator’s side. So, basically using LuckyP. you can just disable that app from asking that permission. If you install any app that wants your contact information. Using Lucky Patcher you can just disable it.
  • Remove APK Ads: If you are using any application. You might have noticed that there are some annoying ads popping up and ruining your entertainment. You can just modify any app to stop ads in it using this app(luckyP.)
  • Free in-app purchases: Some app or game contains in-app purchases. Using L. Patcher you can just bypass all purchases and get gems, coins, etc. for free.
  • Bypass Licence verification: If you’ve got any application that is paid or requires email and password to get access. Using Lucky Patcher you can bypass that and directly get access to all the tools of that application and enjoy it for free.
  • App to System App: If you want any application to be installed in your apk permanently you’ll need to change that app from normal to system. Therefore, you can do it easily using this amazing application. So, if you are reading this article with keen interest pls don’t forget to share this amazing piece of content with your friends 🙂

How to download Lucky Patcher APK?

To download this app follow these steps:

  • Click on the download button below.

Download Lucky Patcher

  • You’ll be redirected to the download page.
  • Downloading starts congo 🙂

Install Lucky Patcher APK:

First, you’ll need to disable “Google Play Protect” or it will surely interrupt you to install the app.

To do it just follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Play Store
  • Open Menu from left side three lines.

Install Lucky Patcher

  • Now it is very easy for you to disable it.
  • Just click on Play Protect and disable the protection. It will give you a warning message but just ignore it and disable it 🙂


After Play Protect is disabled:

  • Go to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources and enable Unknown sources because it is disabled by default.

Crunchyroll premium apk

Now you are all set to proceed further.

Navigate to your app[lucky Patcher] which you’ve downloaded before from the link provided by

Click on the app and click install. Wait for a few seconds until your app is installed.

DONE 🙂 You can now use the Lucky Patcher for free in your Android Device.

Thanks for reading up to here. If you’ve found my work interesting pls let me know in the comments section below 🙂

Douchebag Workout 2 Cheats Latest List 2019

Douchebag Workout 2 Cheats

2 min readIf you ever wanted to be a strong and cool guy who can impress any girl. Well, the reality I don’t know but there is a game “Douchebag Workout 2” which can make you feel like that. Here I will tell you “Douchebag Workout 2 Cheats“. Hope you’ll like it.

Douchebag Workout 2 Cheats

Well, recently I’ve found a cool workout game named Douchebag Workout 2. It is one of the best game you can play on a flash player about GYMs and douchebags. Here, you need to train your skinny character to a strong muscular bodybuilder guy.


There are levels which are not very hard. That one can’t complete but are easy. Some levels are so much time consuming whereas some require much intelligence to complete. So, you might be wondering if you could have some cheats which will help you to solve the level. Yes, there are Douchebag Workout 2 Cheats. I’ve listed all the cheats down below. You can just open a cheat menu and enter your cheat then press on activate the cheat. Your problem will be essentially solved.

Game Name Code[you need to enter] Description[code reactions]
Douchebag Beach Club DEPOSIT + 200 $
Douchebag Beach Club INCREASE Muscle Mass gain x 2
Douchebag Beach Club COUNTRY Country Music to the max
Douchebag Beach Club PICS Unlock all pictures
Douchebags Chick PROMOTION Get the best job
Douchebags Chick RED CARPET Unlock all Shoes
Douchebags Chick FASHION Unlock all Clothes
Douchebags Chick DECO Maximum Deco
Douchebags Chick INFLATED Maximum Botox
Douchebags Chick PAINTED Maximum Makeup
Douchebags Chick SKINNY Maximum Silhouette
Douchebags Chick SNOOKED Maximum Haircut
Douchebags Chick HILTON + 20 000 $
Douchebags Chick O Press “O” during the game to advance time.
Douchebags Chick L Press “L” during the game to back-up time.
The Douchebag Life Shift u Makes the time go backward one hour
The Douchebag Life Shift i Makes the time go forward one hour
The Douchebag Life Shift s Gives you $10


If you want me to update this article kindly contact us through our contact us page in the footer section. A kind thank you to you for visiting my website. Hope you’ve liked my content.

Way2SMS – Free SMS in India. Full Review


2 min readWay2SMS” is one of the most popular websites in India to send SMS. People have some misconceptions related to this website. Here I am gonna clear them all. Way2SMS has 50M registered users in over 120 countries and daily 15K joining users.


Way2SMS is India’s largest website to send SMS and is helping over 50M+ users to send SMS. Every day over 15,000[average] users is signing up the service. Even the website is featured in the top 50 websites in India.

Service by Way2SMS[free]:

  • Send free SMS.
  • Up to 3 SMS daily.
  • SMS in 9 local languages.

Instant SMS services.


Service by Way2SMS[Buisness]:

  • All Bulk SMS provided.
  • Price[20paise] for every SMS is to be paid.
  • API support.
  • Send over 5L messages a month.

Furthermore, You can even send voice SMS to the targeted people. It is one of the reasons why I like Way2SMS. The more is the audience the less is the price of per SMS.

Still, there are some cons to this website. Such as “what anyone will do of 3 SMS?”. In the same way, some people are really afraid about the service of the website. Even JIO allows users to send 100 free messages on per day basis.

I know one website that is better than this. The website is of Siddhant Jain sir. He is Indian and knowledgeable enough to maintain a website such as fast2sms. He is an amazing YouTuber and truly deserving of fame.

If you want you can visit his website from the link below.



Burlington coat factory – Women dresses under $50

Burlington Coat Factory

3 min readBurlington coat factory” is an American department store company famous for their amazing fashion clothes. It was founded by Monroe Milstein. Here you’ll see some amazing women dresses by “Burlington coat factory“.

Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington is a leading off-price apparel and home product retailer. They operate 567 stores in 45 states. Where you can find some really amazing high-quality designer dress. You can buy clothes for your entire family on the Official Website.

If you want you can view the photo gallery of the store at CLICK HERE

In Burlington coat factory every kind of dresses is available such as formal, casual, cocktail, etc. I have listed some of the best dresses for women below.

Casual & Daytime

White Dress - Burlington Coat Factory

Name: White Dress With Window Pane Sleeve                                                                  Price: $14.99                                                                                                                  Size: XL, M, L, S

This is a white color breezy dress is perfect for a casual day out. It even has window-pane in sleeves to show your amazing skin. With romantic neckline. The knee length design and self-tie belt at the waist flatter your figure.

Hits above the knee on a 5’9″ girl.



Cocktail & Party

Plus Size Black Mesh Bell Sleeve Dress with Rhinestone Surplice - Burlington Coat Factory

Name: Plus Size Black Mesh Bell Sleeve Dress with Rhinestone Surplice                            Size: 22W, 18W, 20W, 14W, 16W.                                                                                  Price: $21.99

According to me, the black color is perfect for you to look glamorous at the party.  The plus-sized dress boasts a surplice front that gathers at a gleaming set of rhinestones. It is a kind of pull on dress. Hand wash is recommended.

Hits below the knee on a 5’10” girl.


Wear to Work Dresses

Burlington Coat Factory - Fit & Flare Shirt Dress with Roll & Tab Sleeves

Name: Fit & Flare Shirt Dress with Roll & Tab Sleeves

Price: $29.99

You might be a working woman. Here is one of the best dress that you can wear while working at the office.  This versatile dress takes on the day in style. The classic shirt dress has a flattering fit and flare silhouette and self-tie belt at the waist. The cloth is of polyester.


This is not the official website for buying clothes, our website is completely technical based. The above that you saw are some of the examples of the dresses available on Burlington coat factory. I have myself tried this website. One thing that I haven’t liked is the dresses are really overpriced. Still, the product is very good.


Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post 🙂

Pornhub Full Analysis Report 2018

Pornhub Insight

2 min readWhenever you are alone at home, you might think about watching Porn. When it comes to Porn, “Pornhub” is the first website which comes to your mind. Have you ever thought why Pornhub is so great in providing every category of porn? Here, you are gonna know everything.


We all know about YouTube right? It is a video sharing website. Where a user can create an account and then start uploading videos. Same with Pornhub, it is too a video sharing website where a user needs to create an account to start uploading videos, like, share, etc to other videos.

But on YouTube pornographic content isn’t allowed according to its community guidelines. On the other hand, Pornhub is specifically a website to watch, upload, share adult 18+ content. 


Pornhub is one of the best Canadian Porn websites on the Internet. Pornhub is serving with amazing videos since 2007. It now owns a large network of porn websites such as Redtube etc. The website is developed by a web developer named “Matt Keezer“. From normal videos to 360-degree videos Pornhub has evolved so far.

Pornhub Full Analysis Report 2018.

Pornhub Insight

The image shown above shows stats of each minute on Pornhub.


Watching 207,405 videos through 57,750 searches, Every minute sees 63,992 new visitors to the site. That minute sees 12 new videos and two hours of content uploaded. That minute sees 7708 Gigabytes of data transferred worldwide. That minute sees user statistics of 13,962 profile views, 593 follows 167 friend requests accepted, 122 messages sent, 271 videos rates, 528 videos added to playlists and 22 new comments left. That’s one hell of a minute. Think of any minute in your life and besides that minute back in high school where you actually got a fresh roll before they turned cold and rock hard, it’s a pretty effective and efficient minute. So, it means that even one minute is very important in one’s life.

CrunchyRoll Premium APK [Free] download 2019

Crunchroll premium apk.

2 min readYou must be a huge fan of anime, Magna and drama that’s why you are here. There are various ways to enjoy watching anime, one of these ways is to use “Crunchyroll Premium APK“. Crunchyroll is basically an American distributor, publisher and licensing company focused only on anime streaming and having fun.

Crunchroll premium apk.

The average rating is 3.50 out of 5 stars on play store. If you want to know more about Crunchyroll then you may visit Crunchyroll Inc. support center for more information

All the apps & games here are for home or personal use only. If any app download infringes your copyright, please contact us. Crunchyroll is the property and trademark from the developer Crunchyroll Inc.

Download Crunchyroll APK:

Downloading the Crunchyroll app is quite simple. You’ll just need to click the link below to download for Android platform.



How to install Crunchyroll APK?

After your download is complete:

Go to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources and enable Unknown sources because it is disabled by default.

Crunchyroll premium apk

Now you are all set to proceed further.

Navigate to your app which you’ve downloaded before from the link provided by

Click on the app and click install. Wait for a few seconds until your app is installed.

DONE 🙂 You can now use the app for free in your Android Device.

After you do it just disable your unknown sources as it allows unwanted third partly applications to be installed in your android device. Which is competely against your privacy and it tries to steal your privacy. Therefore, to disable it by doing the same as i’ve told you before.

Why Crunchyroll is better?

  • Crunchyroll offers you to download anime in HD quality.
  • Crunchyroll premium is modified of Crunchyroll app which allows you to watch anime without adverts.
  • Chromecast has ads.
  • Ad-free(only in mobile)

To understand better you can just watch this video :