Top 5 Most Dangerous Hackers | Who made History?

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In this world, online work is gone to the peak. Nowadays the Internet offers every service available to you, including online transactions, communication services such as video conferencing etc. Some people steal the data on the Internet, we call them hackers. So, here are Top 5 Most Dangerous Hackers | Who made History?

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Hackers !!!


1.Kevin Mitnick.

kevin Mitnick


Kevin Mitnick is known as the king of hackers in the world, with names like ‘the condor’ or ‘the darkside hacker’. In a very young age, he was able to trick the bus system of Los Angeles just to get free rides in the buses. A few years later he realized his love for coding and then he started hacking in big companies such as Nokia, Motorola, IBM.

He even managed to get into pentagon’s server of USA. Millions of Dollars of information passed through his hands.

Before he was finally arrested in 1995, he ran away from the hands of FBI for 3 years and became the most wanted cybercriminal of that time.

He said that he was not hacking he was just social engineering. At one point judge found him so dangerous that he was kept in solitary because he thought that Mitnick could start a nuclear war with just a phone call.

2.Mathew Bevan and Richard Price.

mathew bevan and richard price

Mathew Bevan and Richard Price took the world for a potentially deadly ride in their youth back in 1994.

They began by attacking pentagon’s network for several weeks and then they progressed further stealing battlefield simulations. If that wasn’t enough they started intercepting from U.S. agents staying in North Korea and they got access to the Korean nuclear facility.

This was all incredibly alarming to the US because at that time they were using US systems to infiltrate information from the Korean systems which nearly put an international spark.

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3.Anonymous Group.

anonymous hacker group

You’ve most probably heard about the hacktivist group named ‘Anonymous’. Anonymous started in 2003 from a forum website named just like a joke and now that joke has become a very big group. Anonymous group consists of an unspecified number of members. They work for Internet freedom, social justice and most importantly, transparency in the law. This group hit the Chinese Govt. , the Vatican, the FBI, and even the CIA.

They used to leak documents or takes down the website with political intent.

The information they’ve leaked on the impact they’ve had on cases has been huge.


4. Astra

astra hacker

This is an unknown hacker, called as ‘Astra’. He was a notorious hacker who spent a decade in the 2000s stealing high profile weapons technology and software. He would quickly sell this information to the people and organizations across Brazil, South Africa, the middle east and the rest of the world. No one knows how much money he made! or where he had gone. The damages caused by him is estimated at around 250 to 361M USD.

Even he caused many damages he was never identified or caught publicly. People say that he is a 58 years old greek mathematician who is serving 6 years in jail.


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5. Gary McKinnon.

Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon is too considered as a very dangerous hacker as he infiltrated 97 military and NASA servers in a year during 2001. He even deleted sensitive data, files, and software that costs around 700k USD to recover for the US govt. due to the severity of the damage.

Confident in his skills, he taunted the military security system by posting “Your security system is crap, I am solo I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels.”

He was just finding evidence for the life beyond the Earth or the extraterrestrial life. Which according to Mckinnon, he found.


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