Pokemon Gen 4 remake games in detail?

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Gen 4 Games are highly requested for a very long time. People are very fond of “Pokemon Gen 4 remake” games. Actually, we don’t have any actually 100% confirmed information about Pokemon Gen 4 remake. But according to basic logic, we can guess some of the features of the remake.

Pokemon Gen 4 remake games

Let’s continue with the features:

  • Altered side plot to make difference from actual Gen 4.
  • New mega evolutions are likely to come.
  • Game mechanic revision.
  • A different story from previous games.
  • It will be on Switch.


  • It will be on Sinnoh.
  • A remake of diamond and pearl.
  • It might be released in 2020(not yet confirmed).

But furthermore, no one has a definite clue about what is going to come. The features listed above are completely logically and unofficial. Besides, they are sourced from fans(obviously).

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