PUBG Mobile new update 0.11.0 with Resident Evil 2

PUBG collab with Resident Evil 2
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PUBG is soon going to release an update with collaboration with Resident Evil 2. PUBG officially stated that this will be the most awaited update of PUBG. So, here are the top features of “PUBG Mobile new update 0.11.0

PUBG collab with Resident Evil 2


PUBG Mobile collab with Resident Evil 2

This time PUBG is going to release its new update with collaboration with one and only RESIDENT EVIL 2. PUBG stated that this is the most awaited update that is going to be released by PUBG. All the information related to this update is down below.


New Vehicle

This update will bring 2 new vehicles that are super amazing. The first vehicle is Snow Bike which is amazingly fast as compared to snowmobile in Vikendi map and Tukshai commonly knows as Auto-Rickshaw in Sanhok.

Tukshai new vehicle

Snow bike PUBG

Vikendi Map

Next update is about Vikendi Map. In the next update, it will be removed from the beta version and will get moonlight and snowfall in the map. I know this feels really excited to hear it right?

Vikendi Map new update

New Weapons

This update is going to introduce some new amazing weapons which are G36C which uses 5.56 mm bullets and the second weapon is PP19 in Pistol category which uses 9mm bullets and M134 which is a machine gun using 7.62 MM bullets with firing capacity of 200 bullets per reload.

G36C PUBG new update

PP19 new pubg update

M134 PUBG update

Weather change

This update will bring changes to the weather. Right now we only have Sanhok in raining. But in this update, Erangel and Miramar will also face weather changes such as rain, lightning etc.

New Death Cam Feature

This is the most satisfying feature because if a player kills you and you are 100% confident about your skills and have a dought that the player is cheating. You can watch the replay of your kill. This feature is really good because hackers are increasing in the game day by day.

Zombie Mode

In the new update, with collaboration with Resident Evil 2. PUBG is going to release new Zombie Mode. You can play the new Zombie mode and new Zombie map which is inspired by Rozhok


Zombie Mode in PUBG

Release Date of 0.11.0

According to the sources, the new update will be launched globally on 14 Feb 2019. Yes, that’s Valentine’s day.



PUBG soon to release free lite version of PC.

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PUBG is already a viral game with several downloads in mobile and PC. Even Royale pass of season 5 is purchased by many people. It’s a very good step that “PUBG will soon release a lighter version for PC.” because of the PC version is not supported in the majority of PCs.


PUBG Lite for free

As well all know that PUBG is around 1000 – 1500 rupees in India. Which makes it reachless for people using a budget PC. Even it requires a high-end PC to run which only a gamer can afford.

PUBG is planning to release the lighter version of PC known as PUBG Lite for free. That can even run on low-end hardware which normal people can afford. This version is expected to take over Fortnite, which is already a battle royale free game available for the consoles and PC.

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This version is currently not released globally furthermore it is being tested in Thailand. 

Game developers also ensure that this game is not inferior to the original game. It is as good as PC’s original PUBG. This game is mainly developed for low-end PC. So, that game can reach more people out there around the globe.

PUBG hasn’t officially announced a date on which this game will be launched for everyone. 

Its main motive is to support the low-end PC and reach the maximum people. It’s recommended specifications are

  • i3 processor.
  • 4 GB of ram.
  • 4 GB internal storage.
  • Intel HD 4000 Graphics.
  • Windows 7,8 or 10.

Even people outside of Thailand can download and play this game using a VPN connection which will mask their IP to Thailand’s IP. Most importantly you have to make sure that you keep your VPN connection working during the game also.

As far as my knowledge goes, wait for them to release it globally.


Nvidia soon to introduce three new GTX GPU.

Nvidia Geforce
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Nvidia is leading brand in GPU for many years. There amazing GPU such as GTX 1080 ti that blows up mind. This time “Nvidia soon to introduce three new GTX GPU.”.

Nvidia Geforce

GTX 1650, GTX 1660, GTX 1660 Ti

Nvidia soon to introduce three new GTX GPU.

As per the sources, the new GPU will be of GTX series i.e. GTX 1650, GTX 1660, GTX 1660 Ti.

GTX 1650 will be a mid-to-entry level GPU in the GTX series. According to sources, it is expected to launch at around 160-200 USD in March.

GTX 1660 would come with same CUDA cores as in GTX 1060 that is 1280. It would come up with 6 or 3GB of DDR5 memory. It is also expected to be launched in March at around 200-300 USD.

GTX 1660 Ti might be based on TU116 GPU and with 1536 CUDA cores and with 6GB of DDR6 memory. It is expected to launch on 15th Feb 2018 at around 300-400 USD.

For more details visit: NVIDIA OFFICIAL


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Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20 will get Android Pie in August.

Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20 will get Android Pie
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Android 9(pie) will release on 6 August 2019. Android Pie will come with some amazing features that will really blow up your mind. You will be happy to know that “Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20 will get Android Pie in August“.

Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20

Samsung Galaxy m20 will run Android 8.1 at launch even when Android Pie will be launched in  August.

Samsung had already given out “Pie” update notice.


Galaxy M10 specifications were leaked unofficially. It will consist of an EXYNOS 7872 chipset and variant of 2 and 3 GB of ram will be available. Galaxy M2o will be powered by Exynos 7885 chipset and variant of 3 and 4 GB of ram and almost 32 or 64 GB ROM.

In India according to the sources. These 2 will be available at 10k to 15k on Amazon. 

Samsung different model is also in the queue to get Android Pie update.


Top Free Android VPNs breaches your data.

VPN by
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VPN by

Many free Android VPN and even PC’s free VPN are well known for their data breach. Essentially, they do not protect the privacy of users. More than 25% of VPN in Google Play Store does not protect user’s data. 85% of them have many vulnerabilities.

A huge problem found is DNS LEAKAGE. It means that when a person is surfing the internet; the request might be encrypted so VPN allows passing DNS request to phone’s default DNS Server. This is how ISP can track your online activities which is not good! If it happens using VPN is useless because the reason to use VPN defeats.

Many apps in the Google Play Store is potentially meant to harm your data and privacy. While installing an app that is not trusted. Check permissions that it requires. Example If you found something like a camera app asking for contacts detail. That is malware.

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If I talk about VPN. If you want, you can use paid VPN instead of free if you are really conscious about your Privacy and Security and Data Breaches.


Top Android VPN:

  • Hotspot Shield VPN
  • Super VPN
  • Hi VPN
  • VPN Master
  • Hola
  • Speed VPN
  • Psiphon Pro


DDoS attack Explained | Best DDoS Protection

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Attackers have many ways to attack your website. Some attackers/hackers do it for their greed while some do it to cause problems to you. One of the commonly known attacks that usually an attacker can perform is known as DDoS attack. So here is “DDoS attack Explained including Best DDoS Protection


What is DDoS Attack?

DoS attack is known as a denial of service attack whereas advanced attack of it is known as DDoS attack(distributed denial of service attack). When a website receives more traffic than it can handle it goes down, this type of attack is known as Dos attack. For example, my website can receive 1K visitors per second and it is flooded to 20K visitors per second. Its server will go down as it can not handle such a great request.

As I’ve told you earlier about DoS attack, DDoS attack works on the same fundamentals. If we have to attack a famous website. DoS attack will not work as their server are powerful enough to handle such a great request. So the website will keep on running but every website’s server has some bandwidth. If the request crosses the bandwidth, the server will go down. DoS attack is for less powerful server whereas DDoS attacks are for a powerful server. DoS attack can be performed with a single device/PC. DDoS requires huge computing power.

DDoS attacks today is very uncommon as hackers have found very innovative ways to hack your website. Our site contains many articles about it and is updated on regular basis. Follow us for more information regarding cybersecurity and technology.

How attackers perform DDoS?

The attacker essentially gains control of many devices using a malicious program or malware. Now, each computer infected with that malware can be remotely controlled by the attacker. The attacker now sends requests to all computers infected with malware that each computer has to request the site from the server at a particular time. Now a huge amount of traffic is generated with essentially, the server will go down.

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Best DDoS protection service.

Nowadays everybody wants security. There are some companies who provide very good security to DDoS attacks.

  • Incapsula.
  • Akamai.
  • Sucuri.
  • Myra

Among all the best internet attack protection. I’ve found Cloudflare to be the best. Cloudflare protects the website from Denial of service attacks as well as gives you free SSL certificate for free. Even our team of also uses Cloudflare in order to get a free SSL certificate and DDoS protection. It even hides our original IP of website. Which makes black hat hacking even difficult for hackers.

Types of Hackers & Reason of their hacking!

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In 2019, cybersecurity is very important for an organization. Essentially there are some of the hackers who protect the company and some are there who hack into the company. Every hacker has a different mindset while they are hacking. I’ve already published top 5 hackers. So here are “Types of Hackers & Reason of their hacking!“.

Types of Hackers and why they hack?

Basically, there are 3 types of hackers.

  • White Hat Hackers.

  • Black Hat Hackers.

  • Grey Hat Hackers.

White Hat Hackers.



They are also known as Ethical hacker because they perform ethical hacking. Some of them are ceh(certified ethical hacker) while some are non-certified. They are the kind of hackers who hack legally. For example, I have a company right? I need my company’s security to be high. I will hire a hacker who will take full legal permission to hack my company’s system. Then he will tell me about the bugs and vulnerabilities found in my company’s system through which a hacker can hack. Now, when I came to know the problems in the system I can fix it.

Black Hat Hackers.


Hackers who hack systems for their own benefits are known as Black Hat Hackers. They are totally illegal. They don’t have any rights to hack. For example, my company is at great heights such as Microsoft. They will try to hack my system and steal information, then they used to sell it on the dark web for money and will earn millions. This kind of hackers is known as black hat hackers. They are usually been caught by law forces.

Grey Hat Hackers.

Greyhat Hackers.

They are also like black hats as they hack system without legal permission of the owner. They hack the system, not for money or their own greed. They do it for fun, entertainment purpose. They just hack systems to irritate owners etc. Mainly they have the intention to hurt the security without any greed.