Deep Web and Dark Web || Deep Web sites?

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Everyone in the world is surfing the internet, some are doing it for fun whereas some are doing it for the sake of knowledge. You might be surprised to know that the internet that you surf is just 3% of the total Internet. There is a hidden web or darknet alive on the internet. You might be wondering what is “dark web and deep web”.


deep web and dark web.


Types of the Internet:

  • Surface web.

  • Deep Web.

Surface Web: We all surf the internet in the form of WhatsApp, facebook, websites etc. Everything we normally or people surf is Surface Web. It is just around 3% of the entire internet. We can normally surf it and there is nothing illegal on it everything can be controlled by the court.


Deep Web: Deep web is nothing but are the websites that are not indexed by any search engines. These websites are created to share private information. If an Army officer wants to share some secret info they use deep web. They will send data to the deep web website in order to protect the secret info. Now all the officers or receivers will get a link and ID password to access that data. Surfing deep web is not illegal in any country. It is around 97% of the internet. It contains DARK WEB too.

What is Dark Web?

Dark web is the internet operated by the world’s most wanted criminals and Blackhat hackers. It is the web where you can find everything from human meat to child porn everything is available here. It is a black spot on the internet. Now you might wonder “what’s on the dark web and dark web pages.” Dark web is full illegal if you are found surfing it. DIRECTLY PRISONED. 

Dark web so dangerous that on every spot there is a trap for you. If you’ve missed a little YOU ARE HACKED. Even pro hackers are very conscious while surfing the dark web.

Yes, you can also surf the dark web.

How to surf the Dark Web?

Surfing dark web is quite similar to that of the deep web but First, you need to install tor browser.

Surfing dark web is highly not recommended if you are not professional. You can only surf dark web legally with proper permission of the govt. If you are found without permission you are surfing it illegally. If caught. Sir, prison is waiting for you.

Surfing the dark web and the deep web requires the link to that website because it is nowhere on the search engine. You can get dark web links but those links are also very hard to get.

Tor Browser – The onion router

Tor Browser - Onion router

Tor browser is also known as the onion router. ONION WAIT WHAT??? Yes, it’s like an onion. As we all know about VPNs right? VPN is used to hide our IP address on the internet.

Same happens with Tor Browser, it routes our IP into several IPs. For example,

Original IP    ➡️   USA    ➡️   Germany    ➡️   France   ➡️   China    ➡️    Chile   ➡️   INTERNET.

Understood, this is how our original IP is routed in many VPNs. It uses many VPNs hence known as the onion router. Hence, tracing your original IP is very difficult.

I said difficult, not impossible, even there are possible ways by which your IP can be traced.

This browser even saves you from many traps because it does not enable Javascript of the website to be executed.


What is MITMA? – Man in the middle attack.

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Hackers have many ways to reach your database and steal your privacy. Nowadays, people are uploading everything on social media basically on the internet. Hence, you can be hacked. There is an attack “MITMA” which a hacker might use to steal precious data from your personal computer(including phone) this is known as “Man in the middle attack” 


What is MITA – Man in the middle attack?

MITMA is commonly known as the man in the middle attack. Hackers can steal your data easily performing this attack. Man in the middle attack can only be performed if the victim is connected to the same internet connection. For example, I and hacker are sitting in a coffee shop and using the public WI-FI of that shop. Hacker can intercept the packages, read my text messages, see what I am surfing etc. This type of attack is called the man in the middle attack or MITMA. Essentially a hacker comes in between our device and router and all the traffic that comes from the router is first received by the hacker and then passes to the particular device. Hence, this enables data to be easily stolen by a hacker. man in the middle attack

Http and Https connections in Mitma

There are two types of connections that are established while you surf a website. One is commonly known as http and other is https. Http connection is Hyper text transfer protocol whereas Https is Hyper text transfer protocol.

There are two types of data transfer. First is GET and second is POST. When we are surfing any website by clicking on a link etc. it is GET method whereas when we enter any information such as comment, sign in info etc. it is a POST request.

When we POST anything we send information to the server and while we receive any information from the server we use GET. Http connection is not secure as it allows data to be sent in human readable text whereas Https is a secure connection which doesn’t allow data to be transferred in human language.

While you surf http website and a hacker is doing man in the middle attack. He can read all the info that you’ve sent but in https connection, matter changes as it doesn’t allow the hacker to read info easily.

Read again I said easily not impossible. Yet a pro hacker can easily, even interpret in your connection and can even change the results that came from the server.

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How to protect yourself?

Protecting yourself from a hacker’s attack is not an easy task but still is not impossible. 

If you want your data to be secure don’t use public wifi. Even try to protect your wifi to be hacked because if it happens hacker again gets a privilege to sniff the package in your network.

If you want to use public wifi, you can use it. You just need to be careful about a few things that’s enough. First, make sure you are connected to the public wifi that is 24*7 monitored by the govt. this prevents hackers to interpret your packages.

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Types of Malware | Ways to avoid them !

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In today’s world, privacy stays nowhere. Hackers can easily hack you from anywhere. Spreading Malware is one of the easiest ways to steal data and get control of someone by a Hacker. You should know the Types of Malware” and the Ways to avoid them!”

Types of Malware Hacker by

What is Malware?

Malware is a computer program designed by hackers furthermore is very dangerous to your computer. Malware can steal your personal data and send it to hacker’s database. That makes your privacy exposed.

Malware can even slow down your computer speed and make it super slow af, reboot unexpectedly, crash applications etc.

Types of Malware

1. Virus


Full form of the virus is Vital information resource under siege. Viruses are small programs that are auto executable. It causes troubles in the functioning of the computer. Viruses damage or delete the important file on your machine.

Virus even enters Hard-disk boot section and lowers the speed of hard-disk which affects data transfer rate. They are actually just created to disturb users. Hacker doesn’t get any benefit by spreading viruses. Some do it for fun, some for revenge etc.


2. Worms.


Worms work same as a virus but the only difference is that they can replicate themselves. They can transfer from one machine to another and can become more dangerous. For example, in my pc there are 200 worms, if transferred they can become even 2000.

After successfully coming in pc. They start consuming ram, processing power etc. that makes your computer super slow.

Worms don’t need Human action they are independent.

3. Trojans.


Trojans are very harmful to one’s privacy and security. For example, you are visiting an unknown website to download a software. You’ve downloaded a software that looks weird, without icon and awkward name. When you install that software on your computer. Trojan is now installed. 

Trojan open backdoors in a pc that can easily allow a hacker to get into your database and steal information such as credit card, debit card, ID, password etc.

4. Ransomware.


Ransomware is specially programmed by a hacker to earn a lot of profit. As the name suggests “Ransom”, money that kidnapper asks after kidnapping your beloved. Same with ransomware, it is a program that encrypts your data in your machine without your permission. Then the hacker asks for ransom in bitcoin to decrypt your data.

Ransomware can really be very harmful, think about it. If you are doing a project for your company that worth millions and your pc data gets encrypted. You can even lose your job and even the company will face a lot of loss.



Spyware is designed to steal your data privately without your knowledge. This is a malicious program created by a hacker to access info then he can sell that information and hacker will surely earn the profit. Hacker will get you in a trap and will manage you to download the malicious application and install it. That’s it, Hacker now got full access to your personal files.

How to avoid Malware?

  • Stop visiting HTTP connection website and unknown website.
  • Stop downloading unwanted content or program, if needed download it from the official website.
  • Avoid installing crack software.
  • Install and run paid antivirus with internet protection.
  • Keep software and OS up to date.
  • Be careful while downloading files online.


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Graphics Card Explained – How GPU works?

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When we are looking forward to building a High-end PC. One might think about installing a GPU but do you really know what is GPU and for what it is used for? This is a perfect article for you alive on the web. ‘Graphics Card Explained.’

Graphics card.


What is Graphics Card?

Graphics card is also known as the graphical processing unit. It is the processor only dedicated for processing graphics. Any image or video on the screen is the part of Graphics only. Graphics card converts digital data into signals that your monitor can understand.

Graphics card really helps in increasing the performance of a computer.



As I’ve told you that GPU helps us in rendering the Image that we see on our monitor but wait, what about CPU? Central Processing Unit is known as CPU. GPU, as well as CPU both, are processor but they are very different.

CPU is the main processor of your computer which calculates everything in a program. If you are working on a spreadsheet, your CPU is calculating everything in it. If we talk about GPU, it calculates everything related to graphics.

CPU = All Processes ; GPU = Only Graphics.

There are 2073600 pixels in 1080p full HD screen. Each pixel has its own calculation. So if you are running a game on 1080p 60 FPS. Each pixel is being calculated 60 times and there are a total of 2073600 pixels. The processor also has some background applications and software to do calculations on + your game makes everything choppy.

GPU is installed in the system to avoid lag because it reduces the work of processor as now GPU is doing all the Graphical calculations.

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How Powerful GPU is?

If you have an i7 processor installed in a system without GPU and an i3 processor installed in another system without GPU. Most probably i3 processor’s PC will play GTA V or other high-end graphics game very smoothly.

GPU is also used in bitcoin mining, Video Editing and Game Development.

Types of Graphics Card.

There are two types of Graphics card.

  • Integrated Graphics Card.
  • Dedicated Graphics card.

Both are GPU.

Integrated GPU is on-board GPU weather Dedicated GPU is separate GPU which we install. Integrated GPU is a graphical processing unit inside the processor. Graphics are extremely important so, now the processors are built with inbuilt GPU which has a separate place inside the processor as shown in below image.


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Processor architecture.

Integrated GPU is quite weak as compared to Dedicated one.

Dedicated Graphics Card is installed in motherboard. It has its own processor, ram etc. in order to render only graphics. D. GPU is quite powerful to perform graphical tasks. A computer with dedicated GPU really helps to render video much faster. This type of Graphics Card also helps you to play high-end games, do bitcoin mining etc.


If you want to build a Gaming PC, I strongly prefer to use Graphics card firstly then you can buy an AMD processor which will make a perfect match.

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