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Playing Games.
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Android hits new heights every year. From the world’s first computer that occupied 2 room space to a computer that fits in our pocket. Technology is evolving day by day. Android can now run High-end games. This article is about ‘Best Android Games – Free Download apk’  based upon Graphics and Story Line.

Playing Games


Top 5 Free Games of 2018



This is one of the most viral and best games of this year. Yes, this is PUBGM, PUBG itself is a most popular game for PC. Blue Hole launched PUBG mobile version on  19 March 2018.

This is a survival game. Where the player that stays alive at the last wins the match and gets Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. There are 100 contestants matched worldwide.

This is an online game that offers one of the best graphics in mobile devices. This is a free game that can be easily downloaded on App store or Play Store.


Download PUBGM :


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TOP 5 Ways to Earn Money Online

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In 2018, the World population has reached about 7.7 Billion and is simultaneously increasing. Most People are becoming victims of unemployment. We know that the Internet has reached every home. So here are ‘TOP Ways to Earn Money Online.’

TOP Ways to Earn Money Online


A blog is simply nothing but just a Website with a lot of posted article on it which viewers can read according to their own interest. Blogger is a term given to people doing blogging.

There is two type of blogs, First one is paid and another one is free. A free blog can be created using Google’s Blogger and paid will cost you. Paid Blog is very advanced as compared to free.

Blogger provides you with simple template and theme whereas WordPress or other paid service will provide you with a lot of themes and plugins with just one click. Blogger provides you with a free domain that will surely never be ranked on google and will affect the visitors on your website whereas the paid domain will be easily ranked.

I will surely prefer you to start with blogger(free blog) to get enough experience of blogging. Then you can upgrade to paid that will be your permanent website.



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Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn money online that’s why we’ve included it in ‘TOP Ways to Earn Money Online’. A freelancer is a person who is involved in the job of freelancing. Freelancing is really easy to do and you can earn a lot doing freelancing.

Freelancing is a job where people orders for an online service from freelancer when the job is done customer pays the freelancer. There are so many freelancing websites. Starting as a freelancer is very easy, just go to any freelancing website and sign-up to start working as a freelancer.

Even I have earned up to $343 doing a very easy job as a freelancer.

Best Freelancing Websites are:


3. Youtube.


Youtube is one of the ways to earn money online but becoming a Youtuber is not that easy. Guys you really need to work very hard to become a successful YouTuber. After your channel is completed with 4000 hours and 1000 subs. You can monetize your content and can earn money as well as people will start knowing you.

As compared to any other online job becoming a YouTuber is hard. Youtube even gives you less money than blog or freelancing etc. but once you become a popular YouTuber even famous brands like Samsung will sponsor you.


4. Affiliate Marketing.



Everyone knows that the world is becoming digital day by day. People are now buying bulk products on the Internet which becomes good for a person doing affiliate marketing.

You just need to sign-up for affiliate program of any company like Amazon, Flipkart etc. Now you will generate an affiliate link of a product for example, of a camera. If someone buys that camera by visiting your link you will get the share of the payment made by the customer.

Affiliate marketing works best with a blog or a popular Youtube channel. I have seen people earning lakhs doing affiliate marketing.


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5. Online Surveys.



Online Survey is one of the best ways to earn money online. Corporations desperately seeking people’s opinion about their product. Single Survey can cost up to 10 or 15 USD.

Be careful while choosing the website to do survey cause there are many fake websites also. There are many reputable websites those you can trust on.


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What is VPN? How it works?

How VPN works?
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In today’s world where privacy stays nowhere. VPN is helping us to keep our Privacy a bit secure. VPN is most commonly used by corp. to protect their sensitive data. What isVPN? Vpn actually masks our IP.


What is VPN?

VPN also is known as Virtual Private Network. It can help you in hiding your IP Address on the Internet moreover it can help you in a lot of other ways too.

VPN adds extra security and privacy to Private and Public connections.  Many Corp. uses VPN, as a result, their data becomes safe but people using the private virtual private network is too becoming popular.

The virtual private network makes a computer secure because it’s original IP is replaced by the IP provided by the VPN provider. For example, if you are in India, you can obtain IP of UAE and surf the internet as people of UAE does.


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Amazing Uses Of VPN:

  • Hide your identity: VPN can hide your IP that will hide your identity on the internet.
  • Change Location: Using a Virtual Private Network can even help you in changing your location, you can select your own desired location while using Virtual Private Network.
  • Access Blocked Websites: For example, a website is blocked in India. You can change your location to the U.S.A. by choosing an IP assigned on US server. This is how a website will be unblocked.
  • Protect Privacy: By changing your IP, your internet provider will not be able to track your actions on the internet as Virtual Private Network makes a tunnel between you and the Internet.       *conditions apply*


How VPN provides security:

I’ve already told you that companies use a virtual private network for the sake of the security of their private information. We know that data posted on HTTP website is unencrypted means that we can read it normally. So if you are using a website with HTTP connection on a public wifi, a hacker can easily intercept and steal packages that contains your information such as ID and password of that website(NOTE: can be more critical). VPN adds security in your connection as it uses advanced security technique to encrypt packages that really help in the security of a connection.

This is how Virtual Private Network OR VPN helps you.


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Setting up a Virtual Private Network:

Setting up a Virtual Private Network is very easy. It differs from OS. Linux, the method is different from Windows. VPN comes with a trial version and a paid version. I personally prefer you to use a paid one cause it provides extra features moreover it protects data from being breached.

Windows, If you are using a Windows machine. Just download the best VPN and you are done. Similarly, using a Linux machine you can just search for the tutorials on the Web you’ll get a lot of these.

Some of the Best VPN providers are:

  • Express VPN.
  • Nord VPN.
  • TunnelBear.
  • Hotspot Shield.
  • IP vanish.
  • CyberGhost.
  • Pure VPN.


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Different types of Processors and their features.

Tech Everywhere Processors
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There are mainly two companies that are currently leading the market in terms of processor. The two companies are Intel and AMD which leads in terms of speed and reliability. So, here are Intel’s Different types of Processors and their features.

Processors are the CPU (central processing unit) of a computer. It performs all the Arithmetical and mathematical calculations of binaries (01010111 language of the computer) of various programs. The processor handles each and every task of your Computer.

Processors are of different types such as Celeron, Pentium, Dual-core, i3, i5,i7,i9 etc. but here we are going to discuss i3,i5,i7 only cause they share some features while i9 and others work on a different kind of Technology.

Before we start, let me tell you some very important things. EVERY PROCESSOR IS BEST, IT JUST DEPENDS UPON YOUR CHOICE, BUDGET ETC. that which one fits best according to your need.


Intel Core i3.

intel-corei3 Tech Everywhere

It is a dual-core processor, first launched in Jan 2010. It comes with Integrated Graphics. As it comes with Hyper-Threading technology which makes dual-core to function like quad-core but wait…it is dual-core it can work better with dual-core technology but will surely not work just like quad-core.

This processor is quite powerful to run games but if you are building a PC make sure you buy a good high powerful graphics card, with a good Graphics card this processor can handle games like GTA 5 easily.


  • Dual-core.
  • Hyper-Threading.
  • Lot cheaper.
  • Max cache=3MB.

For more visit:



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Intel Core i5.

It’s a Mid-range processor launched by Intel that comes with enabled Turbo-boost technology(turn off cores if not in use) that really makes this processor really fast but doesn’t support Hyper-Threading. It comes with 4 cores known as quad-core. It comes with a Mid-range Intel’s Integrated GPU and Cache is maximum of 8 MB and the minimum of 3MB.


  • Mid-range Processor.
  • Turbo boost enabled.
  • 2-4 cores.
  • Mid-Range GPU.
  • 3-8 MB cache.

For more visit:


Intel Core i7.

i7 Tech Everywhere

It was first released in 2009, a  very expensive and a powerful processor. It comes with 4 cores with Hyper-Threading technology enabled with makes it work like 8 core that gives out amazing performance. This processor is super powerful and can handle all your computing tasks. It works best with PC components which are complementing it. If your PC is built with i7 Processor with latest component configuration. Your PC will work as a Pro your experience will be completely changed. It comes with 4 to 8 MB of cache.


  • Super Expensive.
  • High-end Processor.
  • 4 Cores.
  • 8 Threads.
  • Hyper-Threading enables.
  • Turbo Boost enabled.

For more visit:

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Samsung soon to launch Galaxy A9 with 4 cameras.

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Samsung will launch the World’s first phone with 4 camera setup. Samsung Galaxy A9 was unveiled in October at an event in Malaysia.



Samsung Galaxy A9

In the time of the technology continuously changing, Samsung has announced a Phone with 4 camera setup. Samsung Galaxy a9 is confirmed to be launched on November 20 in the event of Samsung, invites are out for the events.

Samsung says that the camera setup is highly optimized for Instagram as it really cares about the picture quality and details of the picture.

In the USA, this phone is priced at around $720(52000 rupees). We are hoping it to be at 50000 rupees in India.


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The Four Camera Setup.


The camera setup contains 4 cameras. These are the following:

  • 24 MP Primary Camera.
  • 8 MP wide-angle lens.
  • 5 MP depth-sensing camera.
  • 10 MP lens to allow 2x zoom.

The primary camera is of 24 MP to capture pictures (even works best in low-light situations.) The 8 MP wide-angle lens works with the primary camera to capture a wider area. The 5 MP depth-sensing camera senses the background, works with the primary camera to create blur effect in portrait mode.

The front camera will be of 24 MP.




Screen: 6.3 inches Super AMOLED Display(full hd+)

Chipset: Exynos 7885.

Ram: 6 GB.

Internal Storage: 128 GB.

OS: Android 8 oreo.

Battery: 3800 mah.

Charging: Supports fast charging.

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Hackers | Who made History?

Top 5 hackers
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In this world, online work is gone to the peak. Nowadays the Internet offers every service available to you, including online transactions, communication services such as video conferencing etc. Some people steal the data on the Internet, we call them hackers. So, here are Top 5 Most Dangerous Hackers | Who made History?

Hacker image.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Hackers !!!


1.Kevin Mitnick.

kevin Mitnick


Kevin Mitnick is known as the king of hackers in the world, with names like ‘the condor’ or ‘the darkside hacker’. In a very young age, he was able to trick the bus system of Los Angeles just to get free rides in the buses. A few years later he realized his love for coding and then he started hacking in big companies such as Nokia, Motorola, IBM.

He even managed to get into pentagon’s server of USA. Millions of Dollars of information passed through his hands.

Before he was finally arrested in 1995, he ran away from the hands of FBI for 3 years and became the most wanted cybercriminal of that time.

He said that he was not hacking he was just social engineering. At one point judge found him so dangerous that he was kept in solitary because he thought that Mitnick could start a nuclear war with just a phone call.

2.Mathew Bevan and Richard Price.

mathew bevan and richard price

Mathew Bevan and Richard Price took the world for a potentially deadly ride in their youth back in 1994.

They began by attacking pentagon’s network for several weeks and then they progressed further stealing battlefield simulations. If that wasn’t enough they started intercepting from U.S. agents staying in North Korea and they got access to the Korean nuclear facility.

This was all incredibly alarming to the US because at that time they were using US systems to infiltrate information from the Korean systems which nearly put an international spark.

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3.Anonymous Group.

anonymous hacker group

You’ve most probably heard about the hacktivist group named ‘Anonymous’. Anonymous started in 2003 from a forum website named just like a joke and now that joke has become a very big group. Anonymous group consists of an unspecified number of members. They work for Internet freedom, social justice and most importantly, transparency in the law. This group hit the Chinese Govt. , the Vatican, the FBI, and even the CIA.

They used to leak documents or takes down the website with political intent.

The information they’ve leaked on the impact they’ve had on cases has been huge.


4. Astra

astra hacker

This is an unknown hacker, called as ‘Astra’. He was a notorious hacker who spent a decade in the 2000s stealing high profile weapons technology and software. He would quickly sell this information to the people and organizations across Brazil, South Africa, the middle east and the rest of the world. No one knows how much money he made! or where he had gone. The damages caused by him is estimated at around 250 to 361M USD.

Even he caused many damages he was never identified or caught publicly. People say that he is a 58 years old greek mathematician who is serving 6 years in jail.


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5. Gary McKinnon.

Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon is too considered as a very dangerous hacker as he infiltrated 97 military and NASA servers in a year during 2001. He even deleted sensitive data, files, and software that costs around 700k USD to recover for the US govt. due to the severity of the damage.

Confident in his skills, he taunted the military security system by posting “Your security system is crap, I am solo I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels.”

He was just finding evidence for the life beyond the Earth or the extraterrestrial life. Which according to Mckinnon, he found.


Hope you’ve enjoyed 🙂


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Top 5 Hacking Tools For Hackers-Linux.

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Hacking tools are developed to ease and minimize the task of a hacker. These Hacking Tools are developed by expert coders. Here is the list of Top 5 Hacking Tools For Hackers.


5. Nmap.


Nmap is one of the most liked hacking tools by hackers. This tool is completely open-source and free utility. It was developed to check network host and current running service on the system. It can analyze many things such as hosts, service, os, firewall etc.

You can use this tool by cloning it on your Linux by this URL:

or visit the website:

4. Wpscan.


As we all know that many websites use WordPress. To find the vulnerabilities of those websites there is an amazing hacking tool called wpscan. Wpscan is free, for non-commercial use. This tool is written by security professionals to test the security of ONLY WORDPRESS POWERED WEBSITES.

This is one of the most amazing tool for hacker, you must try it.

Wpscan Website:

Or clone it Through Github in your LINUX.

Github Wpscan:


3. Wireshark.



This tool is loved even by me. Yes, this is Wireshark. This tool is used to capture packets and inspect them. This tool can be used in many ways. This tool can be used to check what data is sent over your wifi, moreover, black-hat hackers use this tool to do MITM attack that is the man in the middle attack. This tool is written in c and c++ which are very powerful languages.

In my later post, you might see a tutorial about Wireshark, for that stay tuned 🙂


Wireshark website:


2. Maltego.


This is a GUI based information gathering tool developed for gathering information about the particular target. This is a very powerful tool liked by many hackers. It has a free version as well as paid version. The paid version is recommended for ethical hackers working for the company whereas community edition is recommended for a beginner in hacking.

This tool is even available for Windows as well as Mac and Linux obviously. This tool is mainly for online investigations related to the target or victim. It represents data in the form of graphs.


1. Burpsuite.


Here comes the boss. Yes, it is burp suite. Burpsuite is one of the best hacking tools across the globe, even I am sure about it that every hacker uses this tool. This tool is used for testing web application security moreover, this is a GUI tool that makes it easier to use for an absolute beginner. It has 2 edition, 1st is a community and another is professional version. This tool is used to detect security exposure as well as this tool can exploit these vulnerabilities.




These were the Top 5 Hacking Tools For Hackers. They are not only tools but according to my experience, these tools are really dope af. Try using this tools out.

Flexible Screen Explained. Truth Revealed.

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We’ve listened about the flexible display from a long time that phone will come with the flexible display that can be easily folded and kept in the pocket.

We have seen the flexible display in science fiction movies. Now that fiction is becoming reality day by day.

SAMSUNG has shown us the phone with a foldable screen.


Samsung faced a lot of problems while making this screen.

  1. Normal Phones have screens made of glass. As the Glass is not flexible, they have to build up a material that is strong as well as very flexible.
  2. Normal Screens are connected with the panel using screws, as we know that when we fold any object it stretches but if screws are fixed the screen can not fold. Hence, a flexible material was required.
  3. Android will not support these types of phones. Hence Android will be modified or a new version of Android will be launched by GOOGLE.


This Phone is the actual change in the technology of phones. Now-a-days very minor change in phone becomes a trend which actually doesn’t matter enough such a bezel removal, dual camera etc.

This will be a Big change in smartphones.

Now, what about the price of this phone?

I am 100% sure that this phone will not be purchasable under 10k or 17k rupees, this can worth up to 70k to 1 lakh easily. This phone will become a trend but everyone will not be able to purchase this phone. 

Android Phone Rooting? | 5 Advantages and Disadvantages.

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What is Android rooting?

You might have heard people talking about rooting Android! Ever wondered what is Android rooting?

Root is administrative access to a device. System files in an Android device, that is required to run the device. These files are locked, a normal user can’t access or read the files but if the user roots his/her phone they will get access to those root files. They can make a change in those files easily.

Root has some advantages as well as disadvantages.

Let us talk about:


1. Warranty void.

If you root your phone. Company will not be responsible for its warranty, causing warranty void. Companies such as Samsung voids the warranty if the phone is rooted.

It seems very scary but if the phone is out of warranty there is no problem.


2. Super User Access.

Gaining root access gives you root permissions, sounds good right? But…handling rooted phone is very hard for a normal user. Moving a file here to there can cause really big problems.

If you are an advanced user of Android you might not get problem but my experience says rooting really troubles the user and disturbs the user experience.


3. Update Problems.

It is obvious that when we root the phone. It will now no longer receive the latest updates from the company.

The company will no longer provide you any support. Still, there are some manual methods to update the phone. Still, automatic update is more reliable than manual one.


4. Increases Virus attacks.

Rooting Android device unlocks the root directory which becomes a big issue during a virus attack. Virus can easily access your root files and if virus enters your root directory, it becomes really hard to remove it. Even if you don’t update your phone manually after rooting, phone will become an easy target to viruses, malware, spyware, Trojan etc. Hence your phone will ruin your privacy, such as a virus enters in root that steals your bank account info. This will bring you in a great trouble.


5. Might Brick your device.

Rooting is a complicated process which if not done by a professional can brick your device. While we root our device we do some changes in the stock android’s file to get root privileges. If these changes are not done properly, device will be bricked.


If you think you don’t care about these disadvantages, then here are some of the advantages that might catch your interest.




1. Speed and battery life boost.

As Root gives you root privileges, Super User Privileges. You can manage clock speed of the processor according to your need, you can overclock or underclock the processor. If you need longer battery life you can go with the underclocking which increases the battery life but will decrease the performance. If you need better performance you can go with overclocking which will increase the performance but the processor will demand more battery. Hence will surely decrease the battery life.


2. Uninstall Preinstalled apps.

You can uninstall preinstalled craps from the device as you’ll get access to root. Mobile Companies for advertisement installs apps in the root of the device which a normal user can’t remove or uninstall. You can uninstall these apps from the root of your device easily which can’t be done on a non-rooted device.


3. Amazing Custom Theme.

After rooting the android device you can even do the most amazing thing 🙂 YOU CAN APPLY CUSTOM THEME ON YOUR DEVICE. Keyboard layout can be customized.

You can try a different experience.


4. Ads can be blocked of all apps.

Ads destroy the enjoyment of the amazing experience of the apps. You might have switched on Airplane Mode on your device to prevent ads. While after rooting your device you can easily get rid of the ads of any apps without switching on the airplane mode. Rooting can even act as the shield to ads in your device. Rooting prevents ads on your device. Block the ads to enjoy the hassle-free experience of the services.


5. Install incompatible apps.

Rooting even gives you the power to install incompatible apps in your phone. You can get features from the latest version of the android.


Conclusion :

In the end, I just want to give you my opinion on rooting android. PLS DON”T ROOT YOUR DEVICE. If you want the amazing experience of root you can root your old phone that is not in use.

‘With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility.’

Rooting will give you much power but to handle that power is not possible for many users. Only an advanced user can handle the rooted phone.

If you want to root for fun pls don’t make this huge mistake. 


Thanks 🙂


How hackers hack PUBG ?

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How hackers hack PUBG?

PUBG have become very popular among youngsters, teens, even people doing 9 to 6 job are also now PUBG addict.

While playing PUBG you might have noticed some players who are firing from the wall or teleporting !!! These are hackers who really ruin the gameplay.

I have done some research through which I came to how these hackers hack in the game.


The game is built with codes that are obvious, PUBG is too built with codes, scripts. Each code has their own significance, for example, a script is for player’s clothes another for gun and skins.

PUBG game is almost 75% offline, it just requires internet to receive the coordinates of other player’s action.

For example, a player is moving forward, to move he presses the key ‘W’ coordinates of ‘W’ goes to server and server sends the coordinates to all the player in the game this is how the game works.

Now, if I configure my game script such that it sends coordinates that I want such as when I press ‘W’ it moves 20 steps server will send those 20 steps coordinates to all players, all the players will see me moving 20 steps. This same works with gun’s bullet etc. which actually hacks PUBG.



Hope you have found my post interesting 🙂